At The Resort Collective, giving back to our community is one of the driving forces behind this business. It was very important to us, to support charities that help women, and young people as both can face unique challenges in this modern world.

We  also felt that this support needs to be meaningful and transparent. Therefore every purchase you make counts and helps support these initiatives. Overall we are donating at least 10% of our annual  profits to the  charities below.

As we note above we feel it is important to support women and youths. Therefore, we will make contributions to these two programmes that provide real support to these groups.

The Resort Collective supports Makuta Youth

Makuta Youth

When you support Makuta, you’re not just giving hope. You’re supporting the wellbeing of others and helping to reduce the disproportionately high rate of youth suicide currently being faced within our community.

Inspired by the happiness of the Nepalese people, “Makuta” – named after the Nepalese word for mask, was created to raise money to support our local community.

Makuta is a Kiama based charity raising funds to support established suicide prevention and wellbeing initiatives in our community. Deeply impacted by a spate of local suicides we saw an opportunity for our first project in the Covid pandemic to sew and sell masks to raise money.

We believe that fund raising initiatives by the community for the community yields many positive outcomes. The benefits we have seen already in our own community include:

  • a sense of connection to others,
  • having a voice that will be heard,
  • enhanced sense of purpose and contribution,
  • an overall improvement in general wellbeing and
  • motivation to be part of something that can make a positive difference
At Makuta, these values are what we believe will create a stronger, more resilient community. Find out more about their wonderful work.


The Resort Collective supports Days For Girls

Days for Girls

We are proud to support Days for Girls Australia. Days for Girls is a not-for-profit organisation that has a network of teams and chapters around the world.They raise funds to make washable, reusable sanitary care kits. They are distributed to girls and women in need.

Alongside the distribution of these kits, they provide reproductive and hygiene education. They also encourage and support training for communities to produce their own kits, and deliver health education.

Days for Girls is a feminine care program providing quality, sustainable solutions for girls who have nothing to manage their period. Without access to feminine care products, many girls stay isolated during menstruation, with no study for days.

In many countries in the developing world girls can miss up to 8 months of school every 3 years, and are much more likely to drop out altogether.“We are convinced that educated, healthy and skilled adolescent girls will help build a better future, advance social justice, support economic development, and combat poverty.”

Please take time to visit their website to learn more about the brilliant work they do and consider further support of this very worthwhile charity.